Daily Bulletin

Tongue River Middle School Bulletin for Wednesday, April 24, 2019


WEDNESDAY'S LUNCH: Popcorn Chicken, Sweet Potato Puffs, Salad Bar and Milk PREMIUM: Shredded Chicken Quesadilla and Spanish Rice DAILY SALAD: Teriyaki Chicken DAILY SANDWICH: Turkey, Apple, & Cranberry Panini

THURSDAY'S LUNCH: Domino's Day: Pepperoni, Cheese, or Pepperoni & Sausage, Chocolate Chunk Cookie, Salad Bar, and Milk NO PREMIUM: DAILY SALAD: Chef's Choice DAILY SANDWICH: Chef's Choice

EAGLE TRACK Saturday the Eagle Tracksters will travel to Sheridan Junior High (8:00). GOOD LUCK EAGLES!

FIRST IN THE LUNCH LINE This week 8th graders will go to lunch first, then 6th, and then 7th.

FAMILY MOVIE NIGHT Some of our 6th graders are raising money for water in South Sudan so there will be a family movie night on Thursday, May 2, starting at 6:30. Frozen and Sandlot will be showing. Costs are: 4 & Under - Free, Students - $5.00; Adults - $7.00; and a Family - $20.00. Mr. Maze will also be selling concessions.

STUDENT COUNCIL ELECTIONS FOR 2019-2020 TRMS Students: It's that time of year! If you are interested in running for a student council officer position (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) please let Ms. B. or Pat know no later than May 9th so that I can get your name on the ballot. You will need to prepare a short campaign speech to give during lunch just prior to our elections on May 14th and you may put up campaign posters in the hall. Good luck!!

2018-2019 YEARBOOKS TRMS Students! Yearbooks are on sale for the great price of $20.00. The last day to buy a yearbook is Monday, April 29.

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